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Fannin from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79907

Fannin is a quiet and reserved girl. She is introverted and appears to be shy until she feels comfortable talking. Fannin is respectable and gets along well with others. She loves to play with other kids her age. She likes imaginative play and likes to play dress up. Fannin is a girlie girl and loves to shop, listen to music, and paint her nails. She likes fashion and loves to wear dresses. Fannin wants to participate in social activities with other children her age. She wants to participate in dance lessons, gymnastics, or cheerleading. Fannin is family oriented and likes to stay busy with family activities. She enjoys family get-togethers and eating dinner as a family. She is ready for a forever family and will bond easily. Fannin is a smart child, who enjoys going to school. She likes to read silly books that make her laugh. Her favorite subjects are math and science. Fannin has a great relationship with her siblings and likes being the middle child.

Marcos, Fannin and Diana are a very sweet sibling group. The children get along great and love spending time together. They enjoy watching television, playing games, and riding their bikes together. Fannin and Diana share a love for playing with dolls. Marcos is very shy when he first meets others but eventually opens up. He is a very well behaved child who enjoys attending school and he does very well in school. Fannin is also very shy, but she shows her outgoing personality when she gets to know others. She also enjoys going to school and has made many great friends at school. Diana is shy at first, but she has a happy, bubbly personality. She is girly and loves to play dress up with her dolls. Marcos, Fannin, and Diana may seem shy at first, but once you get to know them, you will see their wonderful, individual personalities. They are a wonderful group who love to laugh together.

A structured family will be suitable for Fannin. She needs a loving, patient, nurturing family who will establish clear boundaries, limits, and expectations. Her family will need to establish positive and negative consequences for her behavior and consistently follow through with the consequences. Fannin also needs a family who will continue to provide age appropriate activities in order to facilitate in her development.

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