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Francisco from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79890

Francisco is an active boy. He can be shy and is usually cautious when meeting new people. He will become comfortable with new people once he spends time with them or can spend time playing with other children. Francisco enjoys playing football, playing with toys, playing video games, and watching TV. He tends to be a constant busy-body and sometimes doesn't understand the importance of stopping and taking a break. Francisco typically interacts positively with his peers and enjoys their company. He also likes to play by himself at times. Francisco can be happy and yet also hasty with his emotions, especially when he does not want to do something. Occasionally, he expresses himself in a physical and verbal manner. Francisco can become very uncooperative at times and needs a firm yet gentle caregiver to give redirection. He will listen and follow directions, but usually needs reminders and frequent redirection. It takes consistency and positive reinforcement for him to respond appropriately. Francisco has a healthy appetite and enjoys many different types of food, but he can sometimes be a picky eater.

Francisco needs a family who will provide a loving home with consistent boundaries and consequences and rewards. He will do well in a one or two parent home. He will also benefit from a family who will provide him with a safe, secure, structured, but loving and nurturing environment. Francisco has some emotional and behavioral concerns, so the family must be willing to help him manage these behaviors and learn positive ways to redirect. The family must also be prepared to pay close attention to Francisco, because he is very active and impetuous. He gets along well with kids of all ages, but he seems to do best with older or younger children rather than his own age group.

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