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Mathew from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81462

Mathew is an affectionate, sweet, and loving young boy. He is fascinated with modern day technology such as computers and electronics. Mathew enjoys playing with computers and video games. He enjoys reading books about magic, wizards, and sci-fi, as it stimulates his imagination and creativity. Mathew, at times needs help to assist in staying focus, but this requires minimal encouragement and guidance by the caretakers, as Mathew will quickly return to his task. Mathew is care free, adjusts well to changes, and is inquisitive about his observations and surroundings. He is extremely relatable as he has vast knowledge about current day events, such as politics and world news.

Mathew is aware of the adoption process and desires to be adopted. He wants to be a part of a family who will love him unconditionally and provide him with everything a healthy home environment can. Mathew will benefit from a family who is understanding, compassionate, and willing to encourage him to be the best he can. Mathew wants a loving family who likes to do things as a family so he can learn how to better communicate as part of the family. Mathew would benefit from a family that will provide support, guidance and love. Mathew needs a family who will display healthy family dynamics, relationships, and an everlasting bond and attachment.

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