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Parker from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age8
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81358

Parker is a fun, loving, and sensitive youth He speaks and thinks a little slowly but is a bright child and does well in school. Parker is a very caring, sweet child, and is very close to his older brother. He gets along well with others, likes to ride his bike, and play outside. He likes Tae Kwon Do. Parker is a well behaved child. He enjoys going to church and participating in the church activities. Parker also enjoys funny TV shows and science toys. His favorite food is bacon. Parker is blind in his right eye. He has had one surgery to remove a cataract and a more recent surgery to correct a muscle imbalance.

Tristan and Parker are both sweet natured and loving boys. Tristan is smart and creative. He is very sensitive and can cry easily when reminded of things that make him feel sad. He has trouble making friends at school. Parker is a very caring and sensitive child. Parker and Tristan are very close and love each other, but also tend to have disagreements with each other at times. They are pretty typical little boys but do have difficulties when it comes to the losses they have suffered. They love going on outings and vacations and especially love to swim. They also enjoy riding bikes and Tae Kwon Do. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of Deep East Texas.

The preferred family for Parker is a two parent, calm natured, affectionate, opposed to physical discipline, and consistent. Parker needs a family who will enjoy taking the boys on vacations and outings that will expand their outlooks. A family with children older than the boys will likely be best. The family needs to be aware that providing the boys with opportunities for spiritual growth, such as regular church and youth groups and involvement in other extracurricular activities is essential for their growth in self-esteem. The parents need to openly accept the boys at their level and encourage them to be their best.

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