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Aaron from Florida



from Florida

Aaron is a 16-year-old, Black Latino male who is a sports enthusiast and likes football and basketball. Aaron also like to draw and considers himself good at it. Aaron loves making friends and building relationships. He is an incredibly loving young man, wanting to belong and have a family to call his own. He is conscious of his positive attributes and is quite aware of his shortcomings, as he makes every effort to continuously improve himself. Aaron does not like humiliation but is receptive to kindness and will respond in kind. Aaron is learning trust, and is willing to give it, unconditionally. He states that he will protect those who seek to protect him by providing a safe, non-judgmental family environment. Aaron is cautious and is fearful of rejection due to his past experiences. He has an introspective personality and will need consistent and compassionate parenting All in all, Aaron is receptive to patient guidance and support. Aaron very much wants to be part of a loving and supportive family.
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