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Noah from Florida



from Florida

Noah is full of life, energy and curiosity therefore life with Noah will never be dull. Noah is a bubbly young boy who is typically a loving, happy and helpful child with a sense of humor. Noah is very smart and remembers everything. Noah loves to play outside, riding his bike and scooter and playing sports such as soccer and basketball. He is not currently on any teams however may enjoy being on a team in the future. Noah also enjoys watching television shows such as PJ Masks, Paw Patrol and Sponge Bob Square Pants. Noah will eat most foods however his favorite foods are pop tarts, macaroni and cheese and McDonalds. Although Noah will eat most foods, there are some foods he has to avoid due to allergies. This puzzle called life - Let Noah show you what courage, love and determination are really about. Although there will be challenges, let Noah bring joy to your family. Noah will do best in a family with lots of energy that can provide him with close supervision at all times and ensure he can attend his numerous appointments. Noah thrives with a lot of structure and consistency in his life and can struggle with unexpected changes. Family connections are important to Noah.
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