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Ethan from Kansas



from Kansas

Devin, Collin, and Ethan are bonded brothers who love spending time together fishing, swimming, or playing sports. The oldest, Devin, would like to be in the NBA when he gets older, and he loves to show off all the medals he has received for sporting events. Those in Devin’s life describe him as “compassionate, respectful, helpful, and very laid back.” He does well in school and likes to help younger children with their home work as well. Middle brother, Collin, is described as being “very smart and a hard worker who completes tasks asked of him quickly.” He is very good at math, and he says he loves all sport activities but basketball is his favorite. He wants to design video games when he grows up. Last but not least, youngest brother, Ethan, loves playing “football, basketball, soccer, and tennis!” Those around him describe Ethan as being a kid who “likes to joke around a lot and is funny.” He loves to tell jokes and play Rock, Paper, Scissors! Like his older brother, he is good at math and loves to read. A family for these three siblings will certainly never bored and should not be shy about facing any parenting challenge thrown at them. Each child has unique needs, and a family who is aware and knowledgeable about available community resources to ensure each child’s need is met would be best. Only Kansas families are being considered at this time for these children.