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Arthur from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Arthur is a sweet boy who loves trains and animals. He is great at building with his hands and enjoys crafts such as making bracelets. Arthur enjoys collecting items such as books, trains and stuffed animals. Giving and receiving from others, including small trinkets, really makes Arthur smile. While Arthur physically appears his chronological age, his interests and emotional development are more aligned with a younger child. Some of his favorite shows include Thomas the Train, Rudolph, and Beauty & The Beast. He also enjoys watching comedies and horror films, and could be entertained by watching Netflix for hours with a friend. Arthur attends a private school due to his specialized academic needs. With the correct supports in place, Arthur does well academically and enjoys attending school. He speaks highly of his teachers and appears to have a lot of friends at school. When he grows up, Arthur would like to call Bingo in a nursing home or work with children. He also looks forward to being a foster parent. He is easily engaged, thrives on individual attention and is eager to please the adults in his life. Arthur is not currently legally free for adoption but his family is supportive of a permanent placement for him. He will maintain telephone contact with some family members on a somewhat regular basis.
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