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Courtney from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Courtney is a happy, energetic, young girl who likes to play soccer and color. She can be shy when she first meets someone, but is usually very talkative once she gets to know you. Courtney enjoys being outside and some of the activities she likes to do are; having water balloon fights, going swimming, playing capture the flag, and playing tag. When Courtney is indoors she likes to watch movies such as ?Dora the Explorer: the Teenager and Diego?. Courtney loves music and normally only sings by herself because she doesn't like to sing in front of people. She has a good appetite and some of her favorite foods include pizza, pretzel sandwiches, and ice cream, but don't try and give her stuffing or fig bars. Courtney would like a family who will spend time and take care of her. She would love a family with children, so they all could play games and have fun together. Courtney is not legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. For more information about Courtney, please contact her recruiter, Amanda Harlacher, at