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Kaleb from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kaleb is a wonderful teenager who describes himself as smart, special, and creative. Kaleb is funny and very artistic. He loves to draw and do arts and crafts. He loves using pipe cleaners to create different figures. In fact, Kaleb's artwork is one of the things he is most proud of. Kaleb is very knowledgeable about Pokemon! He enjoys watching Pokemon, drawing Pokemon and acting out as the different Pokemon characters!! He also enjoys playing video games and making origami. Kaleb would like to find a family who will help him learn to trust people again and love him for who he is, just the way he is. Kaleb is doing well in school with the help of academic supports. Kaleb needs a family that will be able to support and love him unconditionally. Kaleb is learning to process and express his emotions; he expresses his emotions through hugs and is able to use words to describe how he feels. He would do best as an only child or with older siblings who have more independent skills. Kaleb is legally free for adoption.
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