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Cicalee from Texas



from Texas

Cicalee is an energetic and outgoing youth who enjoys many things, including reading, arts and crafts, being on her cell phone, talking with her friends, and going to the movies. She also enjoys spending one on one time with those she loves. Cicalee is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and cheers for them on game days. She gets along well with older peers and likes to go on outings to the mall, park, and movies. Some of her other interests include swimming, journaling, drawing, camping, and going for walks. Her favorite color is orange. Cicalee's favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, hot pockets, and chocolate! Cicalee is a smart youth who is working on improving her decision-making skills. She will make a great addition to any family, providing laughter, friendship and fun!

Cicalee's forever family will provide her with love and patience as she adapts to her new home. They will be positive role models for her so she can learn healthy interpersonal relationships as she continues to grow up. Her family will teach her helpful coping mechanisms for when emotions overwhelm her and help her discover ways to safely address her feelings. The ideal family will show her how to divert her energy and emotions into constructive activities such as sports, music, writing, or other creative events. It is very important to Cicalee that her forever family be supportive of her desire to have continued contact with her aunt, sister, and cousins. Cicalee would love to join her forever family and will make any family better with her contagious smile and beautiful personality!

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