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Lawrence from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

You'll find Lawrence volunteering at a local nursing home, as well as learning about horticulture at a local garden. Lawrence is a thoughtful young man who can't wait to start exploring all opportunities and the potential his future holds. This guy is a true jack-of-all-trades and enjoys a variety of hobbies from landscaping to crocheting. At school, he has had the opportunity to explore his interest in many vocational areas including pastry baking and landscape design. Lawrence thrives when he is given responsibilities such as taking care of farm animals, doing minor maintenance or yard work. In general, he is a very hard-working individual. He loves reading, writing, and is working to improve the rate at which he can do so. Lawrence is described by his teachers as being respectful to staff and peers, participates fully during group and individual tasks, completes his work diligently, and even requests more difficult work. Lawrence is a true go-getter, he isn't afraid to pick up the phone and make a call or immediately complete job applications. At this point in his life, he is seeking a family or permanent resource to help him achieve all his goals for becoming a successful and independent adult. He said that a family or resource parent who likes to bake or cook would be awesome, but have no fear if you're not a chef or baker, Lawrence will thoroughly enjoy teaching and learning with you. The best family for Lawrence would be one who has older children or for him to be an only child. However, he interacts well with younger children too. Lawrence is legally free for adoption.