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Sabrina from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Sabrina is a beautiful young lady with an engaging smile who is shy at first until she gets to know someone. She enjoys reading the ?Harry Potter? series of books as well as watching the movies. She also likes playing video games on the X-Box and is always up for a game of checkers. Sabrina enjoys spending time outdoors playing basketball and jumping rope. She is also good at gymnastics and loves listening to and singing along to the latest hits on the radio. Sabrina has a beautiful voice. Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and pizza. Sabrina is extremely bright and does very well academically. Sabrina has a passion for animals and aspires to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She also has dreams of visiting Jamaica someday as she has seen pictures and thinks it is beautiful. Sabrina enjoys attending Church and being active. When asked what her favorite holiday is, Sabrina shared that it's her birthday, "a day to celebrate herself." Sabrina deserves a family who is committed to her and will provide the structure and stability she needs. It would be best if she was the only child or if there were older children who are out of the home. There is a family out there, please help us find them to help Sabrina celebrate her next birthday. Sabrina is legally free for adoption.