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Arnold from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Meet 5 year old Arnold! He is a fun-loving, social little guy with a sweet giggle we heard a lot while spending time with him in November. He was good at figuring out our toys which were new to him, and even helped to clean up without being asked! Arnold told us he loves puppies, and even has two in his foster home. He can count to 30 and told us his favorite color is green. He loves to play with toy cars, especially a toy garbage truck. His foster mother told us he likes to sing and watch cartoons too. Arnold’s speech is a little delayed for his age, but he speaks in short, complete sentences. He also has some motor delays. Arnold currently attends school at a developmental center where he gets occupational, physical and speech therapies. Arnold went into cardiac arrest when he was 3 months old and was found to have bilateral subdural effusion with hemorrhage. We have Arnold’s full profile with medical information that interested families can review.
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