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Abel from Texas



from Texas

Abel is a playful boy who enjoys spending time outside. He also likes playing video games, engaging in NERF battles, and board games. He is also into sports and his current favorite sport is gymnastics. His favorite foods are pizza and ice cream. Abel can present as a guarded child who is reserved towards other, yet he blossoms and becomes social once he feels comfortable. Abel tends to get along well with others and is friendly with peers at school. He is respectful, well-mannered and helpful. Abel does well in school and his teachers describe him as being intelligent. Abel is known to be an A/B student and is very advanced with calculating numbers and catches on to school curriculum quickly. In school his favorite subject is Art.

Abel's forever family will be one who is able to provide him with consistent care and support. Abel is very quiet and will require intense nurturing. His family will provide him with structure, constant nurturing, and consistent love and care. His family will offer a safe environment for Abel to be able to grow and learn. Abel will thrive with an active family with siblings as he has stated that he desires a home with other children. His family will be TBRI trained and will be patient while allowing Abel the space to develop and grow.

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