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Airel from Texas



from Texas

Ariel is a sweet and friendly teenager, she loves to be helpful and enjoys assisting with the grocery shopping and other household tasks. She is a leader amongst her peers and loves to help guide others, especially those who are younger than her. She has a special talent for being kind and considerate for those with special needs and younger children; she is also a great big sister. She can be shy at first but once she is comfortable and "comes out of her shell," she has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. is caring and sensitive towards the feelings of others. She has many goals for the future and She is considering attending college to become a therapist so that she can use her experiences and circumstances to help others. She is also considering a career as a veterinarian; she enjoys caring for animals and her gentle nature lends itself well to caring for animals. She also enjoys learning about health in school and is educating herself about making good choices regarding diet and exercise. She likes to go outside when the weather is nice, loves to travel and also enjoys listening to music.

Ariel thrives on stability and would benefit from living with a family who has a relaible, consistent schedule and routine. She has a more laid back personality, and would feel most comfortable with a caregiver who has a more relaxed demeanor. She is a natural nurturer and would do very well with a family who has younger children. She is most comfortable with a female as her primary caregiver.

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