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Andrea from Texas



from Texas

Andrea is a very sweet young girl. She is smart, she likes school and makes good grades. Math, reading, and writing are Andrea's favorite subjects. She is very social and enjoys being with her friends. She is outgoing and likes to make others happy. Andrea has a soft spoken and polite personality, she is well mannered and is appreciative. She likes to read. Her favorite genre of books are crime books. She loves animals and caring for them. Andrea enjoys swimming, biking, and shopping. Her favorite food is pizza, though her favorite types of food are seafood and Mexican food. Andrea's three wishes are to be adopted by a good family, have a phone, and to have a little brother or sister.

Andrea needs a family who is located within Texas, as she has continued phone and face-to-face visits with her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. She will do well with a family where there is one child who is younger than her. Andrea will thrive in a family who is loving, caring, and committed to her. She will benefit from a patient and nurturing family. A family who is consistent and offers her routine and structure will help her feel safe and secure.

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