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Andy from Texas



from Texas

Andy loves to laugh and make those around him laugh too. He can be such a clown! He is also becoming quite active and likes going to the recreation center and out to the park for walks. Andy is the kind of child who enjoys just hanging out, playing with remote control cars, or dribbling a basketball. He gets along with other children, but really thrives on attention of the older boys. Andy gets along best with them and looks for both guidance and a sense of having the security of an older brother figure. He likes attending church on Sundays and is learning the ins and outs of attending sermons. Andy is described as the type of child who just goes with it, and even when the day goes awry he makes the best of it. He do not let small mishaps bring him down. Andy loves school and enjoys the company of his friends and teachers. He is a bright child who has made tremendous academic progress. Andy's strengths can be found in his fondness for writing and math. While Andy is learning to be active, he is taking it slow and enjoying being able to goof around in the park or shoot hoops. He likes to watch movies and is often attracted to the suspense of thrillers. Andy is minimally bilingual in that he understands Spanish and is eager to learn to speak it. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Andy will do best with a family who provides guidance and understanding. His ideal family will include a strong male figure to help guide him. Andy needs family skilled in parenting and with a structured home environment. Andy is looking forward to meeting a forever family who makes home cooked meals. Some of the foods at the top of his list are macaroni and cheese, enchiladas and pasta. Andy finds comfort in routine, but will also explore new topics and ideas with safe guidance and encouragement.

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