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Annabelle from Texas



from Texas

Annabelle is very cooperative and loves participating in extracurricular activities. She is a "girlie girl" and likes to have her hair and nails done. She likes going to the park, to the library, playing games, shopping and meeting new friends. Annabelle enjoys arts and crafts, swimming, gymnastics and dancing. She likes to spend time outdoors. Annabelle is very strong willed and needs encouragement at times to help build her self-confidence. She likes to dress in dresses and play dress up or play with her dolls. Annabelle is very interactive and doesn't meet a stranger. She makes friends easily and is a people person. She likes attending church and is a respectful and kind person.

Annabelle is looking for a strong two parent home. It will be best for Annabelle to be an only child or to have older siblings. Annabelle's adoptive parents will need to be able and willing to work with her as she transitioning into her new home. She will need their close attention and continued encouragement, with assistance as needed as Annabelle gains more self-confidence.