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Anthony from Texas



from Texas

Anthony has an infectious smile. He is very quiet when he first meets new people. When he warms up he is very talkative. He likes being outside where he can enjoy nature. He also enjoys being active and playing sports. His favorite sport is basketball, but he also likes volleyball. His favorite NBA team is the Spurs. He likes trying new foods but does not like Brussel sprouts or tomatoes. He also likes going new places. He enjoys the experiences of visiting states he has never been to before. He likes watching movies, playing board games, video games and doing puzzles. He enjoys school. He could benefit from educational support services.

Anthony hopes to find her forever family! His forever family will be supportive and nurturing. He prefers to live in a suburban area as oppose to a big city. He will thrive in a single or two-parent home with structure and routine. He would like to have family pets.

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