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Antonio from Texas



from Texas

Antonio is a sports fanatic! He loves football and basketball where he plays point guard and is able to show off his true talent for the sport. Antonio desires to play college and professional basketball. Antonio likes playing video games to relax. He enjoys fun family nights which include watching movies, playing games, or spending time together laughing and talking. Antonio is an independent child. He likes helping others achieve their full potential. Antonio has a friendly and approachable personality. He likes to be praised for his good deeds. He has a desire to have a career as an engineer. He likes sports and social activities outside the home. He likes hanging out with his friends on weekends playing sports, video games, talking, and laughing creating new memories.

Antonio needs a family who is patient, family oriented, and supportive. His family will be supportive of his dreams to play basketball in college and pursue an engineering degree. The forever family for Antonio will be nurturing and supportive of his future dreams. Antonio's family will provide structure, consistency, and a welcoming environment. He needs a family who will support him in maintaining a relationship with his siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, and build on the strengths of the relationships and connections he already has. He needs a home who will love and support him unconditionally.

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