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Ashton from Texas



from Texas

Ashton enjoys playing video games and drawing, but he also enjoys being outside. He likes to listen to rap and Spanish language music. Ashton loves Chinese and Mexican food, especially fajitas. He also has a sweet tooth and his favorite treat is Nutter Butter cookies. Ashton is an adventurous and fearless youth. His dream in life is to be a UFC fighter. He loves being a helper and having extra one-on-one attention. Ashton cares a lot about maintaining contact with his siblings who are not part of this adoption. He continues to work on increasing positive social skills and managing his emotions. Ashton has a love for animals and he especially enjoys working with dogs. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Ashton's forever family will need to be able to understand and adapt to his needs. A home where clear expectations are articulated as well as providing positive reinforcement for good behavior is ideal for Ashton. He will do well in a home as an only child or with older siblings who will provide positive role modeling for him. Ashton has contact with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption. It is important for his forever family to allow him to maintain contact with them. Ashton would like a family with pets of their own, since he loves animals. Ashton believes he would like a family with a single mother as he does not have positive experiences with male-female couples.

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