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Brian from Texas



from Texas

Brian is a shy, sweet child who likes to be shown affection. He really enjoys being pampered with hugs and kisses. He also enjoys being the youngest child in the home. Brian likes to think he is grown-up. He likes to take action and be independent. However, he needs to be shown how to do chores, as he tends to forget easily. Brian experiences test-anxiety and needs constant assurance that he will be fine. It is important for him to be encouraged to try new things, as his fear of the unknown can overwhelm him. Brian enjoys watching television and playing video games. He is also encouraged to be active. Brian loves his brother and wants to always be around him. He has a sweet spot for animals and likes being around them too.

Angel and Brian love each other and share a close bond. With their slight age difference, sometimes Angel tends to take on a parental role and tries to discipline Brian. Brian loves his brother and always wants to be around him. Brian loves to watch television and play video games. He is also interested in sports and really enjoys animals. Angel is all about sports. He is a member of his school's football team and the cross country team. He likes being social and spending time with his friends. Angel and Brian have two sisters who are not part of this adoption. They are very close to them and would like to maintain communication with them.

Brian is ready to be adopted. He is looking for a family where he feels loved, secure, and accepted. He wants a family that will adopt him and his brother together. Brian will do well with a family that offers patience and love. Ideally, his family will be willing to share a common interest, especially for a love for animals. He will do best with a fun-loving, active family. Brian will also do well in a structured environment that allows him to grow and develop his own interests and hobbies.