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Bryan from Texas



from Texas

Bryan is an energetic and happy child. He is extremely talkative and can talk about almost anything. Bryan is very athletic and enjoys playing sports. He really enjoys basketball and football. He also enjoys playing video games, playing on the phone or tablet, and watching TV. Bryan does well in school and is learning different coping skills to help him maintain control of his behaviors in the school setting. He requires supportive services to help him deal with his emotions and find coping skills to help him express his emotions in a positive way. Bryan has made progress and will continue to do so with a loving forever family.

Bryan needs a family that is consistent and structured. His family will need to offer unconditional support, guidance, and supervision. Bryan wishes for positive adult role models to look up to and a family that will maintain his connection to his siblings who are not part of this adoption. His family will need to understand what he has been through and assist him in making a brighter future.

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