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Jorge from Texas



from Texas

If you want every day to start with a smile, there's no doubt Jorge will bring one to your face! He will greet you with a big smile once he feels your presence in the room. His caregivers describe him as one of the most loving and calmest children they've ever met. Jorge loves to be held and cuddled. He loves to get back massages and foot massages. He enjoys being tickled on the bottom of his feet and loves spending time in his walker. Head massages help Jorge relax. His favorite toys are soft, plush animals with vibrations. Jorge can typically amuse himself with the vibration of the massaging toys attached to his chair tray. Gently scratching/massaging the palm of his hand is also fun for him. Jorge seems to enjoy the presence of people and physical touch. He enjoys bath time and kicking the water. Jorge's spirit is like no other, and the rewards of his love and smiles will be endless.

Jorge will thrive in a family that supports and encourages his interests and medical needs. A two-parent household with a stay-at-home parent would be ideal. His family must be resourceful, willing to meet his needs, and committed to a lifetime of care. Jorge would benefit from one-on-one interactions but would do best as an only child in a pet-free home. Jorge will do well with a structured environment and routine schedule. Patience and understanding are critical traits for his family to possess. Due to Jorge's needs and his medical team being in Texas, we are seeking a family in Texas.

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