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Pedro from Texas



from Texas

Pedro is a reserved youth who has a kind and compassionate personality. He is thoughtful of others and enjoys helping people. Pedro is a very respectful and well-mannered child. His favorite subject in school is athletics. Pedro enjoys playing video games, but love being outdoors. His favorite outdoor activities is wrestling, camping, basketball, and playing football. Pedro's favorite teams are the Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma Sooners, Duke, and Golden State Warriors. Pedro career goals are to become a football player and help the homeless. He initially comes across as shy when meeting new people; however, if you mention anything about food or sports, get ready to have exciting conversation.

Pedro will thrive in a home where he is the youngest or only child. He responds best to a predictable and structured environment with consistent expectations. Pedro would like a family with a mom and a dad, or just a dad. He will benefit from a family who enjoys planning trips and doing fun things. His family will love him unconditionally despite of his past and flaws. Pedro will benefit from a family who has some experience with parenting and trauma.

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