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Calvin from Texas



from Texas

Calvin is a youth full of energy and wonder. He is growing up fast but still loves to play hard. Calvin is a gentleman and uses his manners well without prompting. He likes having others around his age, with whom to play. Calvin tends to be a leader and enjoys engaging with the children new to his placement and younger children. He is very smart and loves the hands-on approach the charter school gives him. Calvin enjoys being challenged academically and wants to become an architect. His favorite subject is math and his favorite food is spaghetti. Calvin thrives on attention and will work to gain attention from his caregivers. He longs to be part of a family that can challenge him, love him, and support him through all of life's challenges.

Calvin will do well with a two parent family who offers patience and consistency, along with careful supervision. He longs to have a family where they can go on father-son outings and mother-son outings as special days. Calvin says the perfect family for him will "always love me and discipline me." A family who will commit to allowing him a safe place to express himself and continue to help him reach his goals will be ideal. Calvin wants to feel secure, loved unconditionally, and accepted. His family will offer unconditional support, guidance, and supervision.