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Cotten from Texas



from Texas

Cotten is an intelligent youth who has a laid-back personality. He exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit and has big goals for his future. Cotten aspires to move to California and be his own boss by owning a food truck. Cooking is a passion of his. He would also like to attend Job Corps. The people who know him best describe him as being "chill." Cotten cares about his appearance and takes pride in looking the best that he can; since he demonstrates his personality through his clothing choices. It is important to Cotten to have the latest sneakers. He enjoys watching movies and playing video games in his spare time. Cotten likes to hang out with his friends whenever he can. You can find him on an outdoor basketball court playing basketball with his buddies or find him skateboarding. He has an artistic streak, and he likes to create music by making "beats." If you want to surprise Cotten with his favorite treat, then look no further than a caramel frappe. Will your family be the one to support Cotten's passion for the culinary arts while making family mealtime a reality?

The ideal family for Cotten will be a supportive family who meets his needs. The ideal forever family for Cotten would be able to provide unconditional love and consistent structure. He will do well with a family who provides activities done together as a family but who will also encourage him to follow individual pursuits. His forever family will be trustworthy and always be there for him. They will encourage him to be creative and express his individualism while achieving his goals. The ideal family should be familiar with accessing educational supports through the school system for Cotten. He will benefit from a family who has training in Trust-Based Relational Intervention. His family will be patient and offer unconditional love to Cotten as he transitions into the home.

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