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Darin from Texas



from Texas

Darin is a funny, talkative child who enjoys being active. He is very friendly, but can be a bit mischievous at times. Darin has a heightened need for safety and wants to feel protected. He can be easily distracted at times, but when he is focused on something, it keeps his attention. Darin enjoys watching baseball and looking at the newspaper. He also loves rabbits and hopes to have one as a pet. Darin likes money and learning about it. He is very self-aware of his behaviors and is working on expressing his emotions in healthy ways. When talking with Darin about adoption, his eyes light up with excitement!

Darin needs a family who will help him feel safe and protected. He will function best in a two parent household, as he feels that he needs both a mom and a dad to keep him safe. He will do well with one or two siblings who are around his age. Darin needs a family to hold him responsible for his actions, but is forgiving while he tests boundaries. He needs a stable and consistent environment. He would really love a family with a pet rabbit!

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