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Jasmine from Texas



from Texas

Jasmine is a unique and kind-hearted country girl. She loves horses, cowboy boots, reading, makeup and socializing with her friends. Jasmine is very friendly and easily makes new friends in new environments. Jasmin enjoys relaxing indoors and playing video games, watching suspenseful shows, and playing with pets. Jasmine loves animals, especially dogs. She hopes to have a dog that can cuddle up with and sleep with at night. She has had some experience with other farm animals such as horses, chickens, and goats, and stated she wouldn't mind helping her forever family care for animals if they had any. Jasmine enjoys learning and attending school and would like to one day pursue a career as either a veterinarian or equine therapist. Jasmine would like to learn more about cooking and doing things for herself. She enjoys walking dogs, riding her bike, and going to community events outside. Jasmine is a strong-willed girl with lots of dreams. She has a great sense of humor and is adventurous. Jasmine will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Jasmine's forever family will understand her need to be shown unconditional love and be patient with her as she learns how to belong to a family. Jasmine's family will provide her with structure and her parents will be flexible and help guide her through her decisions as she ages into adulthood. Her family will be nurturing and show her lots of affection and understanding. Jasmine family will encourage her to participate in extracurricular activities and teach her to follow through and complete her goals. Jasmine's family will take the time to talk to Jasmine and take the time to build trust with her. Her forever family will need to commit to Jasmine and show her they will not give up on her. Her forever family will be patient and flexible. Jasmine yearns to be loved and nurtured and would love to have a fantastic mother-daughter relationship with her forever mom. She also wishes for a younger sibling with whom she can bond and make memories with them.

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