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Dylan from Texas



from Texas

Dylan is an active youth who loves the outdoors! He likes to play football and video games. Dylan's favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys! He enjoys cooking and likes to help in the kitchen making meals. Dylan also enjoys playing with his friends. He can be very competitive, which can also be challenging for him in learning to handle defeat. Dylan enjoys school and is very interested in learning about history. He is very much a people person and loves to be surrounded by others. Dylan needs to know that the adults in his life are going to stick with him, no matter what.

Dylan will do well in a two-parent home, with a strong male role model. He will do best if is in a home with children around his age or as an only child. He needs a family who can provide structure and maintain a good daily routine. He needs a patient family who will provide him with praise when he does something well, and consistent redirection when he breaks a rule. Dylan would love a family who is active, and will encourage him to participate in activities that will improve his self-esteem and social skills.

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