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Elicyah from Texas



from Texas

Hi, my name is Elicyah! My closest friends and sister call me "Le Le" for short. I am pretty fun to be around. Some of my favorite activities are going swimming or to Urban Air and going to the park. I have a good relationship with my younger sister, Janiyah. I also like to speak to my oldest sister, who is not a part of this adoption, as often as I can. Janiyah and I get along pretty well. Sometimes we argue, but sisters do that, and we never stay mad for long. We like to do a lot of things together too. We always help each other when we are struggling with something. Sometimes one of us is sad, but once we talk about it together, we feel better.

Elicyah and Janiyah are two sisters who enjoy being active together and with their family. They both enjoy cooking and eating whatever meal they have created together. The sisters are both good at math and say that math is their favorite subject. They both enjoy creating art and crafts, dancing, and playing games indoors or out. Elicyah likes to eat spaghetti and nachos. Janiyah likes to eat burritos and enchiladas with rice. The girls enjoy swimming, biking, shopping, and listening to music. Elicyah does not judge people and feels she wants to get to know people, and Janiyah feels the same way. These sisters are easy to communicate with and easily redirected, if needed. At times, like any siblings, they may argue with one another, but those arguments never last long. These sisters really enjoy each other's company and have a great connection.

Elicyah will benefit from a single parent or two-parent family who will offer her emotional support. She looks forward to joining a family who will make her and her sister feel welcome in their new home. Her forever family will treat her and her sister as equals in their family.

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