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Emma from Texas



from Texas

Emma is a laid-back youth who is full of curiosity and can be counted on to have a positive outlook. She is a sweet and loving child who craves attention and enjoys being helpful. Emma likes hanging out with other youth her age and typically interacts well with them. She has a well-rounded personality. She is into pink and purple, getting her hair styled and her nails manicured. However, she also enjoys running and sports. She enjoys visiting her older sister and talking about her favorite things. She is an outstanding youth who is affectionate and loving toward others. She has so much to share with her new family. She is also playful and enjoys watching funny sitcoms on television. She enjoys school, but benefits from receiving support and encouragement to help her reach her full potential. Like many youth her age, Emma may need reminders at home and at school to stay focused and see tasks through. She loves to engage in her guitar lessons and enjoys sleepovers with her close school friends. She has stated she would love to have a forever family who lives in a house with a pool.

Emma will do well with a one or two parent family who offers patience and consistency and will help her reach her goals. Her forever family will allow her to continue to grow, develop and express herself in a stable and safe environment will be best. Her forever family will be able to spend one-on-one time with her to give her the attention she needs. Emma will do well with another child in the home. Emma is growing and developing and the family for her will be knowledgeable about her developmental stage and will provide new challenges to help encourage her progress and self-concept as she grows and develops.

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