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Ethan from Texas



from Texas

Ethan is a happy go lucky, kind, and respectful youth who's maturing and a pleasure to be around. He has a passion for athletics with his favorite sport being football followed by baseball, basketball, and track/field. Ethan dreams of becoming a professional athlete once he graduates high school and college. Ethan likes playing video games but prefers being outside playing or working on his speed for football and track. Ethan likes attending church and participating in church youth camps. Ethan does well in school and has started working harder at making better grades. In his spare time, Ethan loves listening to music and going on outings like to the park, skating and carnivals. Ethan will be a great addition to a loving and nurturing family that loves staying active and the outdoors with sports.

Ethan desires a forever single or two parent household that looks like him. His forever family will be active and support his dream of wanting to be a professional athlete and attend his sporting events. Ethan will also like a family that has pets or will allow him to have a pet either in the home or outside the home.

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