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Faith from Texas



from Texas

Faith is a youth with a fun loving personality. She has special needs, which she does not let keep her back. Faith expresses her emotions and joins in the family fun. Her favorite pastime is listening to television and hearing the conversations around her. She is social by nature and is happiest around a crowd. Faith is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She does not let this limit her. She enjoys being taken to the pool, children's festivals, and other outings. Faith will communicate with those around her with smiles and giggles. Faith's tender heart and demeanor are evident when you communicate with her. Faith lights up at the sound of a voice and company in her home. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Faith will do well in a family that has lots of laughter and love in their home. She requires careful and constant supervision so the family for Faith will commit to a lifetime of care and love. Faith enjoys being outdoors and being present during activities so her family will need to include her in every aspect of outings and events. She does best in an environment where routine is the normal. Faith's family will be advocates for her and be her voice when needed. Faith's family will help her have a happy and healthy life.