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Gabrella from Texas



from Texas

Gabrella, who prefers to go by Gabby, has a generous and thoughtful personality. She cares deeply about those she who loves and is eager to be loved. Gabby is protective of those she cares about. She enjoys playing basketball and is eager to try new activities. Gabby would love to join the school basketball team and dreams of playing basketball in college or professionally. She enjoys spending quality time with people and likes watching movies or TV. Gabby enjoys attending church youth group and playing games with her peers. At times, Gabby has difficulty concentrating at school, but she works hard. She is fashionable and enjoys picking out new clothes and sneakers. Gabby is resilient and has overcome many obstacles. She has a hilarious personality and loves making people laugh. She is sociable and makes friends wherever she goes. At times, Gabby needs support, encouragement, and reassurance. Gabby is strong willed and forthcoming. She has learned to advocate for her wants and needs. Gabby has made great progress in learning how to express her emotions in healthy ways. Gabby likes to go on a walk or listen to music when she feels hurt or over-whelmed. She also likes to talk to a trusted person when upset. Gabby is self-aware and continues to practice using her positive coping mechanisms. She is eager to be loved and has an abundance of love to offer her forever family!

Gabby will thrive in a family who can offer her unconditional love and support. She will thrive in a family who is accepting and will encourage her to be herself. Gabby would prefer a single mother, if she were going to the be only child in the home, and she would prefer not to be in a home with only male children. She is warm and affectionate and will do well with a nurturing and supportive caregiver. Gabby can be strong willed and needs a family who provides clear boundaries and expectations. Her family will be patient and understanding as she learns to express her emotions. Gabby is eager to make her caregivers proud. She needs a family who will be understanding and check in with how she is feeling. Gabby is ambitious and dreams of going to college. Her family will help her overcome obstacles and encourage her to meet her highest potential. The ideal family for Gabby will honor and respect her desires to maintain a connection with biological family.

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