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Issac from Texas



from Texas

Issac is a very likable youth. He is intelligent and he likes to make people laugh. He makes good grades and is proud of the fact he has made the A/B honor roll for the past six weeks. Issac is an animal lover who hopes to one day get to adopt his own puppy and share a forever home with his pet. He likes to combine his love for learning and animals and study all different kinds of animals. He can't wait to take summer camping trips to the lake where there is a friendly competition to see who can land the biggest bass followed up by campfires, s'mores, and hikes through God's country. He is very athletic, he likes all sports but has a special interest in basketball and football. Issac likes the outdoors, so if he has the opportunity to go fishing he jumps at the chance and if you can add camping to the mix you'll be Issac's best friend. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the High Plains.

A modern take on the Brady Bunch will be up Issac's alley for an ideal family. A family who will fill a house with memories and laughter is just what he needs. Issac would love to find a family who will honor and facilitate ongoing contact with his grandparents, with whom he has a healthy relationship. Issac is ready to be either a big brother so that he can be a good role model and have someone look up to him. He would also love being a little brother and is open to learning and having an already built-in best friend with whom to go through life. Issac will do well in a family that will provide structure, consistency, and clear boundaries. Issac is a self-proclaimed "Dr. Doolittle" and welcomes the opportunity to help with any family pets; he does not have a preference on dogs, cats, horses, birds or rhinos.

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