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Jack from Texas



from Texas

Jack is a sweet youth who searches for belonging with those around him. He keeps himself well-groomed and he describes himself as handsome. Jack loves fishing and being outdoors. He enjoys to salt or freshwater fish. And it has been said, that he will out fish you. He prefers a home in the country, where he can spend time in the woods. Jack has a vivid imagination. Jack wants to do well in life. He attends school and aspires to graduate. He wants a family, who will be encouraging, understanding, and provide him with love and safety. Jack deeply cares about others. He slowly develops trust in others, and when he does, he loves very strongly. Jack is also a great conversationalist and likes speaking to adults and others. He is interested in spending time with friends, playing basketball, and other normal teenage activities.

Jack will benefit from a family where he is the only child or with older children. He needs a firm caregiver who is understanding, encouraging, and provides him with a sense of belonging and safety. Jack will benefit from a structured home with routines that also understands teenagers make mistakes. He desires a person, who understands that mistakes are part of growing up. His family will be involved in his education and continued supportive services.

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