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Jade from Texas



from Texas

Jade has a very social, but quirky, personality. He enjoys spending time with his peers. At times, he finds it difficult to maintain relationships if trust has been broken. Jade enjoys playing with Lego's and he is also very skilled at crafting. He has a very creative mind and is very inventive. He has made various things throughout the years, ranging from origami to arcade-style cardboard games. Jade loves to fish and wants everyone to know this. He also likes video games, particularly "Minecraft". Jade is sensitive, especially when other children pick on him. He doesn't like it and tends to respond with outbursts. He continues to work on controlling his feelings and the outbursts have drastically improved overall. Jade has a great sense of humor and is very funny. He has so much potential when given the opportunity to be in an environment he can thrive in.

Jade needs a loving and patient family to show him it is ok to trust those close to you. He needs an environment where he can continue to grow and be surrounded by love. Jade needs an experienced family that will work with him and help him with his past.