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Jas'lene from Texas



from Texas

Jas'Lene, who goes by Jas, is an easygoing, kind, and soft-spoken teenager. She gets along well with almost everyone she meets. She is an extrovert once she's comfortable with you and enjoys going out into the world. Jas is funny and very smart. She loves to shop, get her nails and hair done, and do all of the things that most teenage girls like to do. Jas is like an onion. She has many layers, and it takes someone who is dedicated and patient to peel those layers back to get to who Jas truly is as a person. It takes her some time to warm up to new people and build relationships, but once she finds a person trustworthy, she engages with them and shows them her bright and funny personality. Jas needs someone who will take the time to build that relationship with her and help her navigate all the emotions that come with being a teenage girl.

Jas would do well in a traditional or a nontraditional family. She tends to do better with female caregivers. She places a lot of value on going out on social outings and having fun while still having her own quality time alone. Her family will do things like going out to eat and going to the movies. Jas needs a family who can meet her emotional needs and support her as she continues to work through them. It takes a while for her to open up to other people. She needs a family that is patient and understanding, but also firm with their expectations. Jas has the potential to be a very successful adult, but she needs proper guidance and encouragement. She needs a family to provide clear expectations and help her find her place inside the family unit. She does well with other kids but would prefer much younger siblings instead of ones close to her own age.

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