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Jason from Texas



from Texas

Jason enjoys playing video games and going to the park. He is a bright youth who requires patience as he sometimes needs direction to comply with adult requests and rules. Jason has a big heart and can be very affectionate. He is witty and enjoys making other people laugh. In addition, Jason can be friendly and outgoing when he feels he is part of a family and enjoys the company of others. Jason can go through more dramatic changes in mood compared to other of the same age and needs more one on one attention in class to avoid being distracted by others.

Miguel and Jason are charismatic and full of desire to accomplish their hopes and dreams. They interact very well with each other and enjoy each other's company. Miguel and Jason share an unmistakable bond and love for each other that is very strong and not very easily broken. They bring out the best in each other and are considered a dynamic duo when together. Miguel is the older of the two and is very protective of Jason and wants him to strive for what he loves. Jason is the younger of the two and is happier when with his brother as he really enjoys his company.

Jason is aware of his situation and has shown an interest in being adopted. He wants to feel loved, secure, and accepted. Jason will do well with a family who offers patience and consistency along with close supervision. The family for Jason must be willing to spend one on one time with him and be willing and able to obtain the resources he may need. Jason has shown improvement over time and needs a family who will continue to work with him to allow him to express his feeling and encourage more progress. The family must provide Jason with a structured environment while allowing him to grow and develop his own interests.

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