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Jason from Texas



from Texas

Jason is a very friendly child who enjoys making friends and keeping a social circle. He is a sweet and loveable child who is very intellectual and knowledgeable about technology. He refers to himself as a science nerd, comedic person, and clown sometimes. Jason loves to read and he likes to spend a lot of time in the library. He also enjoys watching football. Jason has some limitations because he is diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and is monitored by a cardiologist regularly. He is catching up in school and doing very well. Jason enjoys going to school and learning. He has reported that sometimes he has a low tolerance level and he can get easily frustrated by others. However, he is able to cope with his frustrations and maintain healthy relationships with peers and adults. Jason enjoys playing video games and interacting with his peers. He also likes to participate in various sports activities, especially football.

Jason is looking for a two-parent family. He will do well with parents who can care for his basic and therapeutic needs. He will do best with a family that does not have more than two other children in the home. Jason prefers a family that is outgoing and loves sports. He does not care what ethnicity they are, as long as they are loving and caring parents. He would love a family with a nice home and a great school. Jason requires continued supportive services to manage his behaviors.