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Javelynn from Texas



from Texas

Javelynn would like a family who has children and a pet dog who can snuggle and cuddle up with her. She needs a family with patience and lots of love to reassure her that she is safe. She is seeking a Christian family who enjoys doing things together such as fishing, camping, swimming, running and gardening. She gets joy from seeing those she cares about happy. She is a sweet and beautiful young youth who also loves playing volleyball and cooking. She enjoys helping to make homemade Chicken Spinach Wraps. She also gets excited to share with others about her new experiences. Javelynn is a sweet and kind hearted youth. She cares about others and is very considerate about how others feel. She enjoys having fun and staying busy and doing activities with others. She is bonded and attached with her siblings and very close and would love to continue to maintain contact with her siblings as their relationship is important to her. She has a beautiful laugh and enjoys playing "banana splits" with her siblings on the swing set. She is loving and courageous and has a beautiful spirit.

Javelynn will benefit from a nurturing Christian family who is active, involved in activities, and enjoys spending time together with her. The family would also need to be able to provide her with the opportunity to continue to maintain contact with her siblings as they are bonded and attached.

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