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John from Texas



from Texas

John is a very loving and kind youth who benefits from having a lot of structure in his environment. He is a competitive child and always wants to be first. John loves to play basketball, football, and soccer. Some of his strengths include having an affectionate and outgoing personality, his competitive nature, and his athletic ability. John is very friendly youth who makes friends wherever he goes. He is active in Sunday school and enjoys participating in children's activities. John shines and thrives with individual attention. He enjoys being outside riding his bike, running track, and just being outside having fun. John is open to new adventures and opportunities. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh and smile. John is very vocal and at times may not think about what he says before he speaks. He is looking forward to having his forever family.

John needs a family who is patient, consistent, structured, and who offer positive reinforcements. His family will explore his talents. John requires encouragement to flourish and benefits from individual attention. He will do well with an active family who can support his love for sports and extracurricular activities. John will do well in a family who has other children or where he can be an only child; he also likes being around animals and will do well in a family with pets.

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