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Joseph from Texas



from Texas

Joseph is a happy and quiet teenager. He loves to laugh, eat good food, watch Netflix, and hang out. Joseph is a pretty chill youth who enjoys science fiction and a good adventure. He enjoys listening to music and hanging out with friends. Joseph loves video games and has hopes of becoming a YouTube famous gamer. Joseph has siblings who he would like to stay in touch with. He wants a family who is supportive of him and will be there for him to help him learn how to drive and get a job. Joseph is excited about the possibility of being adopted. Joseph, at times, has moments when he will need some redirection to help him stay focused and on task with his studies. When it comes to his academic needs, he benefits from additional supportive services and additional time for completing classroom assignments.

Joseph needs a committed and caring family who will help him learn life skills so that he can be successful in life. His family will prepare him for adulthood and love him forever. He needs a family who can teach him about job skills, social interactions, finances, and how to drive. Joseph's ideal family will like science fiction too and encourage him to continue contact with his siblings.

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