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Keilan from Texas



from Texas

Keilan is the "serious" twin. He is very observant and carefully takes in his surroundings. He is social and likes to play with other kids. Although his vocabulary is limited, he will say words and is learning to put them together. He loves to call the dog to his highchair so he can share his food with her. Keilan loves to eat and can use a spoon to feed himself, but usually uses his hands as they are much quicker! He is gaining more independence and recently started walking down the stairs holding the rail all by himself! Keilan receives supportive services weekly in his home. He will need limited support over time, both at home and at school. Keilan has worked hard and has made significant improvements in his abilities.

Keenan and Keilan are twins and they have BIG personalities. They are learning to play with each other. They are both making huge progress every day in their development. They love to go outside, play in the grass, and to play with other children. Keenan has become very vocal recently. He will chatter away and the more you talk to him the more he talks to you. He loves attention and his face lights up in response. Keilan is more of the observer. He usually has a serious look on his face and carefully watches what is going on around him. It is felt he will be Keenan's protector as they grow older. Keilan also loves attention and will give big hugs and kisses.

Keilan needs a family that can provide a loving and supportive home to him and his twin brother. Their forever family will need to be patient and be willing to advocate for Keilan's needs. He will do best in a home where one parent stays home or where there is an in home caregiver. Due to his delays and medical condition, daycare is not an optimal environment. His new family does not need a medical background, but just a willingness to learn about his needs and accompany him to his medical appointments.