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Kristen from Texas



from Texas

Kristen has a special way of looking at the world. She is very curious and has lots of interesting questions to ask about everything. Each new situation and activity presents a learning adventure for her. Kristen has a contagious smile, which it lights up the entire room. She loves life and is happy most of the time. Kristin has an infectious laugh and she has never met a stranger; She enjoys talking to new people and sharing her interests with them. Kristen is very inquisitive, she asks lots of questions, and wants to learn about the world around her. She has deep conversations for her age and is very knowledgeable. She is interested in arts and crafts, singing, dancing, and telling stories. Kristen has never been an athlete, but she enjoys a neighborhood basketball or volleyball game. Kristen loves animals and would love to visit the zoo, an aquarium, or an animal safari park. Kristen enjoys helping others, making people laugh, and forming relationships. She is a joy to be around!

Kristen's family will have patience to work on appropriate boundaries, teach her right from wrong, and to encourage her self-growth. Her family will have active conversations and engage with a lot of questions. Kristen will benefit from joining a Girl Scout troop, playing sports, and belonging to a youth group where she will learn to engage with her peers. She loves to be active and will make a great hiking buddy and will love to join a family game of tag. Kristen will do well as an only child or the youngest child. Kristen will also do well in a female-single parent household.

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