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Leah from Texas



from Texas

Please meet Princess Leah! Leah sometimes prefers to go by her nickname, KC. Leah loves to do her makeup and dress in girly clothes, just like a princess. She enjoys getting her nails and hair done and being pampered. Leah also loves to learn. She is very smart. She aspires to go to college and is still trying to narrow down her area of study. Leah is interested in veterinary science, social sciences, and art. She loves to read and write poetry. Leah is very artistic, creative, and loves to think outside of the box. Her favorite hobby is to use her instant film camera to take photographs and arrange them into photobooks. He also enjoys different kinds of music, especially 90's rock. At times, she can struggle with social interactions in large groups. She does better in small groups. Leah and has a kind heart for underdogs and makes a point to reach out to them and try to lift them up.

The ideal family for Leah will be a small and one where she is the only child or one of only a few children. Leah's family will help her find her place and identity in the world, and assist her in finding her own unique lifestyle. Leah will be the most successful when she feels that her family accepts her for who she is, and loves her for her uniqueness. Leah's forever parents will also have strong knowledge of the education and supportive services available for her so she can achieve her goals. Leah's forever family will be patient while she learns the rules of her new family and settles into her new role within that family. Leah has a strong desire to have a family to call her own. She wants to be adopted and longs for the security and comfort of being part of a forever family. Leah is open minded and would enjoy meeting all different types of families, including single parents. She would be happy to have two moms or two dads. She is excited at the possibility of moving forward to this next stage of her life.