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Linda from Texas



from Texas

Linda is a sweet youth with a fun and bubbly personality. She enjoys all things girly and teenage things, like shopping and talking about boys. Linda is adventurous and full of life. She is always willing to be spontaneous and try new things. Linda recently picked up playing tennis and has been really enjoying it! She likes to go shopping and hanging out at the mall. Linda also enjoys music and singing. She is always up to trying new things and although hesitant, does not let failure stop her. Linda is so determined to speak English fluently that she requested Rosetta Stone to learn how to perfect her English. Linda is creative, likes to draw and considers her outlet to be drawing. She likes to have fun and is always ready to crack a joke or do something funny.

Linda is ready for adoption. She is looking for a family where she feels loved, secure, and accepted. Linda will do well with a family who offers patience, love, and is willing share a common interest. She will do well with a fun loving family who likes to explore new things and likes pop culture and music. She will also do well in a structured environment that also allows her to grow and develop her own interests and hobbies.