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Mystacal from Texas



from Texas

Mystacal has a bubbly and sweet personality. He is a smart youth who can do anything he puts his mind to! He really enjoys football and basketball, and he likes to play sports in the neighborhood with other kids. Mystacal is good at sports and hopes to play professional sports one day! He enjoys listening to music and watching football and basketball on TV. Like many youth his age, he likes to chat with his friends and play games on his phone or tablet. Mystacal is doing well at school, though he benefits from some additional support in certain areas, he still puts in the effort to do better. Mystacal enjoys school and learning; and he seeks out people in his support system to help him with any questions he has. His goal is to attend college for Information Technology. He is currently working on learning how to set healthy boundaries with others and to best communicate his feelings. Mystacal has a sense of humor that can warm up any room! He has a bright future ahead of him.

Mystacal will need a family who is patient, understanding, and provides him with guidance and structure. He will benefit from a home where he is encouraged to express himself. Mystacal will thrive in an environment that provides structure to help him succeed in his future.

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